Established in 2017, Harbor Farmz has become the Premier choice for hand crafted Cannabis Products in Michigan. We control our cultivation, extraction, manufacturing and packaging practices all in house so that we can maintain our Harbor Farmz quality from tissue culture-to-sale. In 2022, Harbor Farmz opened our first flagship store in Three Rivers which continues to be a premier destination for locals and out of state customers. 

Since our Inception, our goal has been to create a naturally potent medicine that our customers can depend upon. We focus on using trusted cultivation methods to provide the highest quality flowers which then go on to become our brilliant line of extracts, concentrates and edibles. 

Our belief is that the highest quality inputs equal high quality outputs. With this in mind, we developed a work force that is based around a Positive Work Culture, Teamwork and Equality, allowing us to ensure our Passion for the industry stays as potent as our products.

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