Derived from fresh frozen cannabis to ensure maximum cannabinoid and terpene retention, our lineup of resin-based concentrates is both aromatic and potent.

Cannabis concentrates, oils, and extracts offer many unique benefits that you won’t find smoking flower. From easy, precise dosing to clean and refined flavors, concentrates focus on the ingredients in cannabis that matter most.
Cannabis oils, concentrates, and extracts—these all serve as umbrella terms under which sits a warehouse of different products: vape oil, hash, tinctures, dabs, CBD oil, and every other product dreamed up by cannabis chemists.An oil, concentrate, or extract is any product derived from cannabis flower that is processed into a concentrated form, but each type of cannabis oil is unique.But why bother with concentrates when you have tried-and-true bud? Flower may be good enough for you, but there are many reasons to explore the many options—and medicines—offered in extract form:
You don’t have to smoke extracts. Most consumers choose to vaporize or ingest concentrates for a smoke-free dose.
Cannabis oils are efficient. It takes less product to achieve the desired experience.
Extracts are refined. Essential oils and cannabinoids are separated from plant material to create a smooth, clean* inhale when vaporized.


Live Sugar
A shimmering, crystalline concentrate with the consistency of thick sugar or raw honey.
Live Sauce
A jelly-like consistency comprised of both a syrupy liquid and granular crystals.
Live Budder
A classic smooth and creamy concentrate, great for portable vaporizers.
A translucent, glass-like concentrate that shatters when tapped on a hard surface.


The Process of vaping involves heating cannabis flower or concentrate to a temperature that turns the active compounds (cannabinoids and terpenes) in to vapor. Vaporization (Vaping) is a healthier alternative to smoking as it occurs at temperatures that do not allow combustion, which releases harmful tar and carcinogens.

Our cartridges are 100% RAW cannabis derived; meaning we do not believe in adding any additives or fillers to our cartridges to cut corners. Our vapes are guaranteed free from any thickening agents or fillers as well as vitamin E, pesticides or heavy metals. We aim to produce the most honest representation of the plant in its natural form including its cannabinoids and natural terpenes. We run all our vapes go through rigorous quality control to ensure efficacy, function, and safety.
Our goal is to provide our customers with a single-sourced, faster and cleaner method to enjoy their favorite strains. 

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